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Posted: 04/01/05 03:48 PM
Author: SoyYo
Location: Colorao
Posts: 5


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White Men Can?t Jump Soundtrack
Thanks for all the help, I found out the title and artist for 2 songs that I have been looking for many years in one night from this site.

I have gone out to soundtrack websites and they don?t always list all of the songs that are in a movie, and I have been unable to find a complete list for this movie.

I have been looking though my movies and I still cannot read the songs at the end of the movie ?white men can?t jump?.

It is the song where Woody and Rosie have to grab a few things out of their apartment because the gangsters are breaking down their house.

It says somethign like "Get Out...." (A jazzy/ soulful song and he sound a lot like Eric Clapton)

If anyone knows the name of this song, I would appreciate it. This is the last of the lost songs that I been looking for. Thanks.

Posted: 04/01/05 05:42 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


White Men Can?t Jump Soundtrack


1: White Men Can't Jump - Riff
2: Sympin Ain't Easy - Boyz II Men
3: Hook, The - Queen Latifah
4: Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight - Jody Watley
5: Don't Ever Let 'Em, See You Sweat - Go West
6: I'm Going Up - BeBe & CeCe Winans
7: Can You Come Out And Play - The O'Jays
8: Watch Me Do My Thang - Lipstick
9: If I Lose - Aretha Franklin
10: Jump For It - Jesse Johnson
11: Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Venice Beach Boys


Even though you mentioned the song you're looking for is not on the Soundtrack, I thought I would post this link with all sound samples for the next person looking for songs from this movie...

Click to hear songs

Posted: 04/01/05 06:35 PM
Author: SoyYo
Location: Colorao
Posts: 5


White Men Can?t Jump Soundtrack
Thanks for the help, but I have seen a few sites like this, but the song I am looking for is in listed here. This album is much like movies such as Dirty Dancing where they have a ton of music on them, and they usually have 2 full CD?s of music.

I know of a few databases for soundtracks and have had the best luck with this one:

Posted: 04/01/05 07:11 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


White Men Can?t Jump Soundtrack
I did a reverse search on Google. What I mean by this is that when you search for song lyrics, the lyric page will also list the soundtrack. So I entered into Google:

Lyrics "White Men Can't Jump Soundtrack"

Here's the first song I found...

Artist: Main Source

Song: Fakin' The Funk

Fakin the Funk

Album: White Men Can't Rap/Fakin the Funk 12"

[Large Professor]

Now I've never been one to knock the next man for getting his
You know what I'm saying? (Right, right)
And I do realize that now hip-hop is a form of showbiz. (Uh huh)
But this has always been something with which you have to be true
So in the year on 1992...(this is how we do!)

[Large Professor]

At the age of 19, heard the scene
A lot of M.C.'s that do not come clean
Fronting on dealing hard times in rhymes
You see him in the streets and you see no signs
Of the hell, and they get on stage and tell
Some cornball war story, ring the bell (word)
You're fakin the funk
Talking that extra hard junk, you're probably a punk
And Imma let you know, that this way
You just don't cut with the artificial flow


Knee digs out a great backs a next
When fakes try to front, they get smoked like blunts
My rhymes penetrate like skunk
Ayo word up, I think you're fakin the funk

[Large Professor]

You're fakin the funk! (You're fakin the funk)


Yo! You're fakin the funk! (You're fakin the funk) (Repeat 6x)

[Large Professor]

You do a song about a current event
Get on television and seem hesitant to represent
And that's what we call fraud
You can't kick the streets with a look I sold out a board (word)
And everywhere has streets
That's not trying to hear the same wack rhymes over the same stink beats
Cause times are real, and I can't feel

Putting...down on the reel to reel


Now Imma let you know
With those weak style of raps, it's time to go
I eject rejects that step
I'm a vet ready to snap your neck
I shine and rhyme at the same time
The mastermind of the sport called the rhyme
Now it's my time to dump chumps that front
(Ayo Professor what's up?)

[Large Professor]

You're fakin the funk

Chorus (1/2)

[Large Professor]

The era of the wack M.C.
Is getting shut down when the Main Source stomps through your town
Cause we don't play the role of a clown
And keep things jumping with the real rap sound

So to all the people stealing beats (You're fakin the funk)
To the crossover rapper with the pleats (You're fakin the funk)
To all the chumps that's claiming the streets (You're fakin the funk)
Fronting incredible feats (You're fakin the funk)
To the girl acting like a prostitute (You're fakin the funk)
Wearing that hooker type suit (You're fakin the funk)
To the rapper with the big space suit (You're fakin the funk)
To the artist that doesn't pay dues (You're fakin the funk)


Caue, exotic and then you're torn with the hyper tone
I can't be blown because my rhymes are hard like stone
So prepare for the scare, because I'm you're worst nightmare, punk
Cause you're fakin the...


Posted: 04/01/05 08:06 PM
Author: SoyYo
Location: Colorao
Posts: 5


White Men Can?t Jump Soundtrack
Thanks again for the help. But that is not the song. I am going to find and watch the movie tonight and see if I can read the end credits. But that was a great idea.

This song is not a rap, it has a guy that sounds like Eric Clapton singing this song with them being chased out of their apartment and over a bridge. I will get the song eventually. Limewire is great, I have already found all of the songs that I tunes does not have. Thanks again.

Aaron From OHWC
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