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Posted: 06/28/06 09:17 AM
Author: brigade
Location: usa
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"I'm reaching out for you"
Can anyone help me find a song that was made between 86 and 88 called "i'm reaching out for you"? The first verse ....."Reach out and hold my hand....let us get to know each other better.....come a little closer baby.... let me whisper in your ear....... Did you like that baby.....I'm reaching out for you."
I've been looking for this song for years. It was in heavy rotation in the Atlanta area around that time. Please help.

Posted: 07/27/06 02:27 PM
Author: WDAJS
Location: USA
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''I'm reaching out for you''
The song is called "Reaching Out for You" by Ca$hflow. They also had a nice jam called "Mine All Mine" around '86/'87.
Posted: 07/28/06 05:39 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


''I'm reaching out for you''

Artist: CA$HFLOW

Year: 1986

Track listing:

1. Party Freak
2. Mine All Mine
3. Can't Let Love Pass Us By
4. Spending Money
5. Reach Out
6. I Need Your Love
7. It's Just A Dream

Note: This out of print CD is expensive.


Aaron From OHWC
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