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Posted: 07/21/06 08:53 PM
Author: TommyZ3
Location: NJ
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Song titile: "My Girlie"? Group?
A short lived all black male signing group that sang a song called ?My Girlie? at least was the refrain. There was a music video with very sexy women. One in particular was the subject of the son. It had an R&B rhythm. I'd love to know: the actual title, artists, release date, and a source for the music video.

Any ideas? I might recognize the group when I see it.

Posted: 07/23/06 01:22 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Song titile: ''My Girlie''? Group?
Ready For The World - My Girly {1988}

Click here to watch the video

Posted: 07/24/06 02:20 AM
Author: dallas4
Location: us
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Song titile: ''My Girlie''? Group?
This is from Ready From the World.. I think the album name was Ruff Riders
Posted: 05/22/08 07:11 PM
Author: Maine
Location: mobile
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Song titile: ''My Girlie''? Group?
That Group was "Ready For The World" and the title of that album was "Ruff N Ready". Realesed in 1988.Tommy I also make CD's from album to disc. If you want the whole album, call me at 251-721-3620. We can go from there!!!!

Aaron From OHWC
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