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Posted: 04/05/05 03:20 PM
Author: nat
Location: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 5


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ok, here's a couple more...
I'm amazed at how knowledgeable some of you are!
Here's a couple more songs I've been trying to figure out:

These are quite obscure as I only remember them being played on a french dance music station here in Montreal (although the songs are english). This station played lots of great dance music in the eighties that was never played on the usual pop and hit radio stations. I think these are from 1983. I don't remember any lyrics just one song was named AM/FM and the other was "Summer Breeze". They were both sung by women. It's a long shot I know, but maybe.

The last song I'd like to know about is from the late 80's I think. It's a guy singing to his girlfriend who he has busted for cheating on him and he actually does some talking in the song and the one line I remember is "Silly rabbit tricks are for kids"

Any ideas?


Posted: 04/05/05 04:29 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


ok, here's a couple more...



Oran "Juice" Jones ~ The Rain ~ 1986

Click to hear


I saw you (and him) walking in the rain
You were holding hands and I'll never be the same.

Tossing and turning another sleepless night
The rain crashes against my window pane
Jumped into my car didn't drive too far
That moment I knew I would never be the same.



Now here you are begging to me
To give our love another try
Girl I love you and I always will
But darling right now I've got to say goodbye



(I saw you)
Hey hey baby how ya doin' come on in here
(Walking in the rain)
Got some hot chocolate on the stove waiting for you
Listen first things first let me hang up the coat
(You were holding hands and I'll)
Yeah how was your day today
Did you miss me
(Never be the same)
You did? Yeah? I missed you too
I missed you so much I followed you today
(I saw you)
That's right now close your mouth
'Cause you cold busted
(Walking in the rain)
Now just sit down here, sit down here
I'm so upset with you I don't know what to do
(You were holding hands and I'll)
You know my first impulse was to run up on you
And do a Rambo
(Never be the same)
I was about to jam you and flat blast both of you
But I didn't wanna mess up this thirt-seven hundred dollar lynx coat
So instead I chilled -- That's right chilled
I called up the bank and took out every dime.
Than I cancelled all your credit cards...
I stuck you up for every piece of jewelery I ever bought you!
Don't go lookin' in that closet 'cause everything you came here with is
packed up and waiting for you in the guest room. What were you
You don't mess with the Juice!
I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags.
I gave you things you couldn't even pronounce!
But now I can't give you nothing but advice.
Cause you're still young, yeah, you're young.
And you're gonna find somebody like me one of these days . . .
Until then, you know what you gotta do?
You gotta get on outta here with that alley-cat-coat-wearing,
punch-bucket-shoe-wearing crumbcake I saw you with. Cause you
That's right, Silly rabbit, tricks are made for kids, don't you know
that. You without me is like corn flakes without the milk! This is my
world. You're just a squirrel trying to get a nut! Now get on outta
here. Scat!
Don't touch that coat...

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www.gemm.com (This site will have everything)

www.musicstack.com (This site will have everything)

Posted: 04/05/05 06:58 PM
Author: nat
Location: Montreal, Canada
Posts: 5


ok, here's a couple more...
You're a God! I cannot believe you've found those first two (I figured someone would remember "The Rain"). I have been trying to find these two for a good 15 years. Nobody I know even remembers them. Thanks so much! Now I'm really dying to hear them again!

Aaron From OHWC
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