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Posted: 04/10/05 05:20 PM
Author: T-Maaz
Location: US - Colorado
Posts: 2


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Dance song from 87-91 era?
There was a song in this time period that was commonly referred to as "The Russian American Song"... this was a favorite of mine in the dance clubs in the late 80's. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not the song's real title, since I can find nothing by that name on the internet, on any site I have visited.

The song had a heavy, driving beat, approx. 4/4 timing, with no discernible lyrics -- at the "chorus" portion of the song, it had the slow, long buildup of a wailing air raid siren, and what sounded like a garbled loudspeaker of a NASA / missle tech speaking over a headset.

I know this is a long shot... but does anyone have a clue as to what this song is? It was so popular at the time, that many nights at the club it could be heard 2 or 3 times an evening... and now, I can't find it anywhere, or even a mention of it.

Mush thanks in advance for any help you can offer,


Posted: 04/10/05 06:12 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Dance song from 87-91 era?

C.C.C.P - American - Soviets

80s 12inch CDs for trade
Author: Troy
Date: 04-01-05 12:13

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NRG No. 8

1. T-99 - Invisible Sensuality (7:11)
2. LORDS OF ACID - I Sit On Acid (5:52)
3. FRONT 242 - Headhunter/Welcome To Paradise (5:47)
4. HARDSONIC BOTTOM 3 - Do It Anyway You Wanna (5:49)
5. INVINCIBLE LIMIT - Push! (7:03)
6. TRAGIC ERROR ? Tanzen (4:52)
7. TASTE OF SUGAR - H?mm H?mm (4:50)
8. BOYTRONIC ? Brilliant (5:15)
9. C.C.C.P. - American Soviets (6:10)
10. GRUESOME TWOSOME - Hallucination Generation (5:19)
11. LIVE CINEMA - Pop Density (6:22)
12. SA-42 ? Carnival (5:14)
13. DOMINATRIX - Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (4:39)


Posted: 04/10/05 08:06 PM
Author: T-Maaz
Location: US - Colorado
Posts: 2


Dance song from 87-91 era?

Thanks Dan... and from your response with the real name and artist, I was _REALLY_ close! :-)

Thanks again -- I really appreciate it!

Posted: 09/26/06 11:52 PM
Author: upndownes
Location: USA
Posts: 3


Dance song from 87-91 era?
Would like to get a copy of the cd listed. Do u have? If not, where can I find? PLEASE HELP. Thank you.


Aaron From OHWC
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