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Posted: 04/15/05 08:03 PM
Author: studno4
Location: USA
Posts: 20


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need help finding a song for my mom from 90s
Ok everyone.. i would REALLY appreciate any help anyone can provide with this one. my mom has been trying to find out the name of a song and who sang it for many years now. the last time she heard it was in the early 90's.. she's pretty sure it was around 91-93 but she doesnt remember the exact year. All she remembers about the song is that she thinks it was a black woman singing it and that the song had the word "lady" in it. she thinks the song may have the words "you look like a lady" or "you're a lady" in it and that she was singing about a woman. She doesnt think it was a group she thinks it was one person. she also remembers it getting alot of airplay during the time she heard it so it was at least a fairly popular song in central california (fresno, modesto) area where we lived during this time.

Can anyone help with this?? please???

Posted: 01/13/06 09:24 PM
Author: Andrea
Location: Virginia
Posts: 19


need help finding a song for my mom from 90s
I think you may be talking about "All Woman" by Lisa Stansfield. This song came out around that time. Some of the lyrics are "I may not be a lady...but I'm all woman...from Monday to Sunday, I work harder than you know....I'm no classy lady, but I'm all woman, this woman needs a little love to make her strong....You're not the only one."

I hope this helps!

Aaron From OHWC
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