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Posted: 01/24/07 10:19 AM
Author: riglesias2
Location: Texas
Posts: 2


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Michael Jackson in this music video
Does anyone know the song title that featured Michael Jackson in the Music Video? The video was played in the 80's and Michael Jackson was selling medicine from a wagon. Michael Jackson was not the lead singer, he was just featured in the video. However, the music video seemed to take place in the western times when medicine wagons used to rip people off. Can someone please help me with the title of the song and main artist name. Thanks

Posted: 01/24/07 10:43 PM
Author: djbigh
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 27


Michael Jackson in this music video
It was Michael jackson and Paul McCartney. The song is "Say, Say, Say."
Posted: 04/04/08 07:35 PM
Author: Thattypeofguy
Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA
Posts: 4


Michael Jackson in this music video
Yes, the song was titled "say say say, Micheal Jackson with Paul McCartney

Aaron From OHWC
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