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Posted: 02/21/07 09:49 PM
Author: sweetness08
Location: kentucky
Posts: 1


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can someone help me, plz
there was a song that was back in the 80's by a lady.....all i remember it was something about pussy. it was a slow jam type of song. sorry i can't be any clearer. i was in a chatroom and someone played the song, cause we were playing oldies, and i didn't think to ask, but i remembered the song. i hope someone can help me. thank you.....okay....i have mor info, the song is called pussy don't fail me now.

Posted: 12/16/07 04:38 AM
Author: soap68
Location: Alabama, USA
Posts: 26


can someone help me, plz
I don't know if you have found your song, by now but Millie Jackson is famous for her explicit tracks. Look up some of her songs from the 80's and try your luck. It's just a guess.

Now at the beginning of the Millenium, Missy Elliot cut a song called "P***y Don't Fail Me Now". This is not much help, but it's a start.
Good luck!

Aaron From OHWC
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