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Posted: 02/28/07 07:03 PM
Author: metalhead
Location: USA
Posts: 3


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Slow 80's Metal Ballad
Does anyone know what group/artist sings the following song?
I can't remember all the lyrics, but I've listed some scattered lyrics here.
starts out like this:
"It's been a few long years, since I first laid eyes on you...
...don't know why I try to fight it....
....maybe you'll come back my way.
"Now it's too late, and I wanna go back,
Now it's too late, and I wanna go back....back where I belong"


Posted: 01/21/08 12:25 AM
Author: marine_Dude007
Location: Midwest Minnesota
Posts: 8


Slow 80's Metal Ballad
is it Mr Big?
Posted: 02/22/08 03:03 PM
Author: kounia
Location: nyc
Posts: 8


Slow 80's Metal Ballad
you can write those lyrics on letssingit.com and the song and artist should be there
Posted: 08/15/08 05:46 PM
Author: Owen1977
Location: USA
Posts: 17


Slow 80's Metal Ballad
good call, letssingit.com is an excellent site referance

Aaron From OHWC
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