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Posted: 05/02/05 01:41 AM
Author: kimmypez
Location: USA
Posts: 3


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Christmas song from Late 80's early 90's (urgent)
when my sister and I were little we remember a song that was always played on the radio during christmas. It was about a little girl/boy that asked santa to bring his/her father back from the war. We remember a line that went like this "Santa please wont you bring my daddy home" we have been looking for years and I need it for a project so if ANYone can help i would be greatful

Posted: 05/04/05 10:59 AM
Author: Vic Ferri
Location: Canada
Posts: 161


Christmas song from Late 80's early 90's (urgent)
Could it possibly be this? (it's been out since 86 but just recently put on cd):



Aaron From OHWC
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