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Posted: 03/20/07 09:00 AM
Author: LtBrownSugar
Location: HARLEM today's Harlem suk
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Late 1980s RnB song...
I need help finding the name of a song that I haven't heard in YEARS. I hope any of you all can help me out.

In the years of 1988-89, I was between 13 and 14 years old. I heard an RnB song that went a little something like this:

"Dreamlover, dreamlover, I can dream about you baby..."
"I can't wait to have you all to myself, baby..."

It was sung by a black man and was kind of a fast, dance-type beat to it.

It came out between the years of 1988-1989. If there is anyone out there who happens to know the artist, the full song,and how or where I can get it, please let me know. :)
Much love and appreciation for all efforts :)

Posted: 03/22/07 09:41 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Late 1980s RnB song...

Artist: Richard Rogers

Song: (I'll Be Your) Dream Lover

CD: Can't Stop

Year: 1989

Click to hear on REAL PLAYER

Posted: 03/27/07 11:38 AM
Author: LtBrownSugar
Location: HARLEM today's Harlem suk
Posts: 5


Late 1980s RnB song...

I can't begin to thank you enough! I have been searching for this song for almost 15 years and now, you have revealed the mystery to me. You are a treasure to behold!!!!!!!!!

Aaron From OHWC
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