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Posted: 04/06/07 03:27 PM
Author: Joe Smith
Location: California
Posts: 2


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Need song name and artist ~ (The Big One)
Hi, I remember a video with a hot blonde chick and 80's hair band backing her up. The first verse begins:

"Another lonely night
Don'wanna be alone..."

And the chorus is something like:

"I'm waiting for the big one
Not just any one
Cause I've waited so long
And I can't go on without the right one"

Can anyone help with the band/album/song title? Thanks!

Posted: 04/14/07 03:24 PM
Author: CDH2O
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Need song name and artist ~ (The Big One)
I believe you are referring to Femme Fatale. The lead singer's name is Lorraine Lewis. She has a website www.lorrainecafe.com. The song you are referring to is "Waiting For the Big One"


Aaron From OHWC
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