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Posted: 05/11/07 03:16 PM
Author: 3d
Location: madison, tn USA
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There was a song out in 1987 or 1988 called slow dance. It was mid-tempo r&b song, and the lyrics started this way. " I wanna take ya in my arms girl and glide across the floor, just like Ginger Rodgers did with Fred Astaire in the movies oh, ooh we baby I like the way it feels when I hold you in my arms believe me it gives me chills, the way you move your body baby it's so unreal when ya dance with me me, with me. Hook: slow dance (let's do a little slow dance baby) slow dance (I wanna glide across the floor now baby) slow dance (aw you're such a sweet little lady) DOES ANYBODY KNOW THE SONG AND/OR WHO THE ARTIST IS?

Aaron From OHWC
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