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Posted: 05/15/07 11:35 AM
Author: sashamedic
Location: CA
Posts: 6


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Another obscure song...
I've been looking for forEVER! Again, tried googling the lyrics & got nothing.

It starts off with heavy guitar then goes into:

"You make our decisions
And you make our rules.
Then you make us fight
just to be (unintelligable)

Come on people,
Let me hear you say
You bastards are gonna pay!

Tell us not to steal,
Tell us not to kill.
Then you tell us
Fight for your country
And us to die.

Come on people,
Let me hear you say
You bastards are gonna pay!"

(guitar solo)

The rest of the song is pretty unintelligable to me, but if anyone recognizes it please help a girl out! Thanks!

Posted: 05/15/07 11:51 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Another obscure song...

Artist: Trouble

Song: Bastards Will Pay

Album: Psalms 9

Year: 1984

Track Listing:

The Tempter
Victim Of The Insane
Revelation (Life Or Death)
Bastards Will Pay
The Fall Of Lucifer
Psalm 9
Tales Of Brave Ulysses

Click to hear

Bastards will pay

You make our decisions
You make our rules
then you make us fight your stupid wars
that`s going too far

Come on people let me hear you say
You bastards, you`re gonna pay

You tell us not to steal
You tell us not to kill
then you let us fight for your country
that`s tell us to die


Reach for yourself and your battered mates
the time has come
I`m not talking bout no revolution
I only want to find a solution
I want to change the world

You can`t fight `em with words
you can`t fight `em with rage
fight `em with peace and love
it`s your only chance


The CD is available at Amazon.com

Posted: 05/15/07 12:00 PM
Author: sashamedic
Location: CA
Posts: 6


Another obscure song...
It amazes me how incredible you guys are! Thanks, Dan!

Aaron From OHWC
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