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Posted: 05/12/05 11:10 AM
Author: LT
Location: The BIG VALLEY
Posts: 5


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Need help finding words.....
Hi, Can anyone help me? I'm looking for the words to this song:
China by Red Rockers 1983

Posted: 05/16/05 09:33 AM
Author: sha
Location: VA
Posts: 47


Need help finding words.....
Are you talkin bout the song that starts something like:
"Callin out to a mystery, this is the way you outta be"
Posted: 05/16/05 10:15 AM
Author: Vic Ferri
Location: Canada
Posts: 161


Need help finding words.....
Ya, thats the one
Here are the full lyrics

China by Red Rockets

Danced with wind and danced with fire
Killed the truth and called the liar
Bleeding in its mystery when the moon began to fall

Dreamers are not all they seem,
sleeping in her silent dream
She locks it all inside and hides it all away

China, China

Calling out to history
Is that the way it will always be?

China, China

Questions in my hand, and then
answers gone till I don't know when

All you speak and all you hear
Hand that's strong and voice it's clear
An unforgotten memory when the moon begins to call

Called you right and called you wrong
Time, the shadow, sings your song
Don't lock it all inside and hide it all away

China, China China China


Posted: 05/16/05 11:58 AM
Author: sha
Location: VA
Posts: 47


Need help finding words.....
Hey Vic, you are too quick. I was almost on it. (LOL) My version was a bit off though.

Aaron From OHWC
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