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Posted: 05/27/07 02:26 PM
Author: oh!sheila
Location: Painesville, Ohio
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"HIGH fASHION" Sounds like Morris Day/The Time
Please Help!!! I love my 80's music! There was a song I used to listen to that I think was titled "High Fashion". The singer sounds like Morris Day/ The Time, but I've checked and it's not on any of their albums. A piece of the sang went...
"High Fashion is where my money goes,
Honey, I'm all the way bold"...

"I'm never in a low class world
and I just love little rich girls"

It is driving me crazy!!!!

Posted: 05/30/07 09:26 PM
Author: signius
Location: california
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''HIGH fASHION'' Sounds like Morris Day/The Time
Sounds like The Family. They were one of the groups prince produced, like the time.

high fashion chorus:

High Fashion is where her money goes
High Fashion - This girl is all the way vogue
She's never in the low class world
High Fashion - Stuck up little rich girl
Posted: 05/30/07 10:26 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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''HIGH fASHION'' Sounds like Morris Day/The Time
The Family - High Fashion {1985}

Click here then click on song #7


Aaron From OHWC
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