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Posted: 06/01/07 01:47 AM
Author: djmoon2069
Location: Bay Area, California
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track in 1985-86-ish Detroit "The Wizard" mixes on 93 WDRQ...
I have some of these mixes on cassette (also some Electrifying Mojo), but there was one track in particular The Wizard used to play, which I can only describe:

- VERY fast "drum roll" like beat in the beginning
- LOTS of various scratching, some voices some samples
- i used to breakdance to this song, but never knew what it was, NO other dj besides The Wizard played it, not sure if he made it himself, but it always sounded the same, and he mixed it, as if he had it on vinyl (rather than it being something he "created" live)
- ready for me to "write/hum" it?!? ok here goes...

........................................ (electro-ish drum roll)
dig-a-dig "AND"
dig-a-dig "AND"
dig-a-dig "AND, AND" dig-dig "AND"
(repeats, then samples, like slowed down "orchestra stabs" from older synths)

strange, eh?
i know, I KNOW!
but these are the words my mouth makes when i try to describe it to others (and i was a champion beat-boxer, so.... ;)
20+ years later.
can anyone help me?!?

on the version of the mix i had, and frequently heard, he usually followed this track with Man Parrish's "Boogie Down Bronx" (scratching "UPS", as if it were part of that track).

i bought tons of "breaking" & electro compilations, to no avail.
everyone's heard it, but no one knows it.


Posted: 06/01/07 09:39 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


track in 1985-86-ish Detroit ''The Wizard'' mixes on 93 WDRQ...
Jeff Mills aka 'The Wizard'

Jeff Mills MY SPACE page...

Click here

Note: You could email Jeff at his My Space page and ask him about the song you're searching for.

CDs released by Jeff Mills...

Here's a CD for starters...

Click here

Other CDs by Jeff Mills...

Click Here

More information...



Aaron From OHWC
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