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Posted: 06/04/07 12:48 AM
Author: jonkomar
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
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What is the key of this song?
I need help from the musicians in this forum. I'm trying to identify the key of the following songs. I've tried using a pitch pipe, but I'm having difficulty nailing down the exact key. I don't have the sheet music for any of these songs and there are no websites dedicated to this kind of information.

Here are the songs and my best attempt:

ABC ? Look of Love A
Eurythmics ? Sweet Dreams D
Falco ? Der Kommissar G
Flock of Seagulls ? I Ran A
Haircut 100 ? Favourite Shirts A flat
Human League ? Don?t You Want Me A
Missing Persons ? Words A
Missing Persons ? Walking in L.A. G
Missing Persons ? Destination Unknown C
The Clash ? Rock the Casbah A
Thomas Dolby ? She Blinded Me with Science A
Thompson Twins ? In The Name of Love D flat
Wall of Voodoo ? Mexican Radio G


Aaron From OHWC
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