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Posted: 07/17/07 01:30 PM
Author: Jandy
Location: New York
Posts: 28


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Small Change
Would anyone happen to have any info on the group Small Change and this song they sang late 80s or very early 90s - I think it was titled - Tell me why or something like that.

Also does anyone knows who sings this song - it's sort of a housey jam called respect.

You gotta show me, got to show me a little, yes all i need is, all i need is a litte, yes all i want is a little respect. What you want, baby i got it, what you need, you know that I have it, all i ask is a little respect, when you come home when you come a little respect, respect me - ay yi, respect me ay yi...... or something to that extent

Posted: 07/17/07 01:35 PM
Author: Jandy
Location: New York
Posts: 28


Small Change
The second song is by Anastasia.
Posted: 07/17/07 01:48 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Small Change

Artist: Small Change

Song: Why

CD: Small Change

Year: 1991

Click here to watch the video

Track listing

1. Why
2. Teardrops
3. She May Be Pretty
4. It Would Be So Nice
5. Sneakin'
6. Treasure
7. Romance
8. This Must Be Love
9. What's In It For Me

You can buy the music at the following places:




and probably www.amazon.com

Posted: 07/18/07 06:37 AM
Author: Wu
Location: UK
Posts: 58


Small Change
Hi Jandy,
The lyrics you have for Respect looks like it's Adeva's house classic.
Try this video link here...
Posted: 07/20/07 05:39 PM
Author: Jandy
Location: New York
Posts: 28


Small Change
That's it Wu - Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Aaron From OHWC
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