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Posted: 05/27/05 06:37 PM
Author: maily
Location: A-Town
Posts: 7


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80's R&B Song..
The song goes like this on the chorus...

Two faces I see - you're loo-king at meeeee
Through another pair of eyesssss

It was a guy that sounded a lot like a girl but not Richard Dimples Fields.

Posted: 05/27/05 08:04 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


80's R&B Song..
This same song question was asked on the old board. Maybe someone at the old board will know the answer...


Posted: 03/18/06 09:16 PM
Author: Tululah
Location: St. Louis, Mo
Posts: 11


80's R&B Song..

I don't know if you've found out who sings this song or not, but, I know EXACTLY who sings it because I own it! It's by Oran "Juice" Jones (He had a hit in '86 w/ "The Rain). The song is named "Two Faces", and it's the last song on his album called "Juice" which contained his R&B hit "The Rain"). If you would like to have this song (Incase you don't already) I can give it to you!

Take care!


Aaron From OHWC
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