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Posted: 09/21/07 06:09 PM
Author: BigB
Location: Philly
Posts: 1


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When in Rome "The Promisee" 12"
Does anyone have the 12" of this. The only version I can find is the one off the Napoleon Dynamite OST. The 12" has an "extended intro" after the piano intro. Thanks in advance!!

Posted: 01/24/08 07:26 PM
Author: redhenry
Location: Perth, Australia
Posts: 19


When in Rome ''The Promisee'' 12''
Contact me. I think I can help you! (May be a few days until I reply as I am rebuilding my PC at home and can't access webmail form work).
[email protected]
Posted: 11/13/08 11:57 PM
Author: Gary J
Location: Alameda CA
Posts: 6


When in Rome ''The Promisee'' 12''
Check out this site for the 12" single of THE PROMISE:
Posted: 06/22/09 03:21 PM
Author: DJ Retro
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Posts: 11


When in Rome ''The Promise'' 12''
this version is on an 80's compilaion called Classic Alternatives Volume 1 on the SPG Label.

Aaron From OHWC
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