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Posted: 06/02/05 04:43 PM
Author: gimmzy
Location: Norway
Posts: 6


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Love ain't no holliday

Does anyone know about an oldie that goes like this..

You're my shadow of motivation
your're what gets me thorough the day
your're my source of inspiration
everything I have to to say...

Your're the sunshine in my mourning
your're the light along the way

Love ain't no holliday
No holliday

I would really like to know the singer/group and name

thanks in advance

Posted: 06/02/05 07:28 PM
Author: Dovaria
Location: vermont
Posts: 6


Love ain't no holliday
There was a song called 'Love Ain't No Holiday' by Native (1984).
Posted: 06/03/05 10:52 AM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Love ain't no holliday
Vic Ferri has confirmed Native is the correct artist.

Click to hear

Posted: 06/03/05 01:55 PM
Author: gimmzy
Location: Norway
Posts: 6


Love ain't no holliday
Fantastiko.. Thanks a million!! It was it
Posted: 08/22/09 04:27 PM
Author: darrellsiz
Location: WWW
Posts: 3


Love ain't no holliday
Where can I download this Native - Love Ain't No Holiday music? Can anyone post the link here. Thanks in advance.
Posted: 01/04/10 07:30 PM
Author: bp06
Location: Manchester,U.K.
Posts: 15


Love ain't no holliday
Email me and I will forward you the mp3.



Email:[email protected]

Aaron From OHWC
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