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Posted: 10/12/07 07:14 PM
Author: D2thaC
Location: St. Louis - Area Code 314
Posts: 20


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Looking for an RnB song
All I remember is the chorus going Ah aaaahhhh ah aaaahhhh Heaven ----something and a horn playing right afterwards. It sounded like PM Dawn but I am not sure. The only other song that came close to it is Truth but I have that song....What do you think Dan?

Posted: 10/12/07 11:49 PM
Author: Jandy
Location: New York
Posts: 28


Looking for an RnB song
I've seen the movie several times but I'm not sure what song you are talking about. Here is a link to track listings of the soundtrack on Amazon. If the song made the album than you can take a little listen and perhaps find your song. Hope this helps.

Posted: 11/15/07 03:40 PM
Author: Madame_Zenobia
Location: NC by way of NY
Posts: 71


Looking for an RnB song
It's dr. buzzard's original savannah band. the song is sun shower

Aaron From OHWC
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