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Looking for old club songstaminator681247107/04/2008 11:40 PM
found it now, if anybody was curious! (WAS german elektropunk song)lisabel69490006/09/2008 05:10 PM
I too Need To Find a SongMusicHealth1032306/06/2008 03:48 PM
PLEASE HELP... I need to know this song!giapeto28802106/04/2008 10:46 AM
some more songs from '83...anybody knows these?lisabel69867206/02/2008 05:37 PM
repost with fixed links - samples to figure out from '83lisabel69726206/02/2008 01:20 PM
lookin for artist/title - german elektropunk sample LINK OK NOW!!lisabel69471006/01/2008 05:16 PM
Song titile: "My Girlie"? Group?TommyZ3866305/22/2008 07:17 PM
Looking for artist/song of song from youtube videoRJ674205/12/2008 02:43 PM
A HOT pic of Bret Michaelsmusic122969205/08/2008 05:29 PM
Bodybuilder Posing Music?Big Col464005/08/2008 10:04 AM
80s instrumental songanniemay545004/11/2008 09:40 PM
Need Help Finding This Song!!NRM871204/07/2008 10:37 PM
I need help again finding a songDJ SLIK805104/05/2008 01:29 PM
80's freestyle songmisterk564004/05/2008 03:02 AM
banditoawni405003/30/2008 07:00 PM
Yeah, yeah, yeah x 7 ???harmony829003/30/2008 05:24 PM
DOING MY HEAD INbrownsugar706103/23/2008 02:36 PM
Electro songTomi967202/28/2008 12:05 PM
Whos sang the song: Extra-terrestrial LoveBret1044102/27/2008 06:36 PM
late 80's dance songjill9104502/24/2008 01:01 AM
Need Title and Artistd_diva1025202/24/2008 12:55 AM
Mark Starr !!!electrodude534002/20/2008 04:06 PM
Song name and artiest from 1983 ? needed pleaseklaw17895202/15/2008 06:03 AM
HELP!!! What's this song called??? Disco 70's/80'sdrphil3400102/11/2008 09:00 AM

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