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I need help finding an eighties dance songGrahamS1061102/10/2008 09:39 PM
looking for a late 80's early 90's songDJ SLIK554002/05/2008 06:33 PM
LOOKING FOR NAME OF THIS 80'S R&B SONGBigg E514002/03/2008 08:54 AM
Hi been looking for who does this song for 15 years now. Please help !!!!Pegs Choice732001/05/2008 09:32 PM
Trying to find song title/artistou8venu2772201/03/2008 10:13 PM
Amazing....THIS particular song DID NOT get mentioned at all!!!oprlvr949101/03/2008 05:20 PM
song request with (yousendit) clip?speed101522012/28/2007 12:42 PM
Need help identifying this mystery dance song....DJ_Adelphia1013212/27/2007 09:37 AM
depech mode HELPfidel80'man895412/09/2007 03:42 AM
80's R&B NEW-WAVE SONG!!devastatin556012/09/2007 03:24 AM
crazy old 80's song that goes ''un dada un dodo, etc'' please helpferrisdidit8691612/09/2007 03:24 AM
Need Title/Artist 80's Dance SongNic12201090212/05/2007 11:18 PM
Help me figure what song this is!!!xsv3451755111/25/2007 01:50 AM
Help!!! I'm looking for the song from the 80s possibly named 'nervous breakmanfromthe80s1150111/16/2007 10:28 PM
WESTBAMfidel80'man790111/16/2007 10:00 PM
house recorddjswift975211/15/2007 05:33 PM
Funny songs that you would never admit to listening to.bigmike18261224110/08/2007 12:44 AM
looking for toni basil....redram568110/06/2007 02:07 AM
Who did the remake of quicksand by martha and the vandellasvslaughing1380310/04/2007 01:11 AM
Looking for 3 tittles...vmcastejon922609/24/2007 03:48 PM
Looking for title/artist of this 80's songJ Hayes1784309/24/2007 06:51 AM
VERY NEED SONGS!!! and what i can upload....DetectiveX1111109/22/2007 04:12 PM
Synth Solo Song - audio clip included(awful rendition)testtest707109/21/2007 10:27 PM
HEEEELLLLPPP!!!marc806109/13/2007 02:41 PM
Looking for Song Name and Artistbian80s846209/13/2007 02:24 AM

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